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With the development of society, more and more people choose to study in Singapore because of its unique bilingual teaching and first-class teaching quality. While studying in Singapore, a warm and comfortable living environment is necessary.

There are very few boarding schools in Singapore, and public universities and colleges generally only provide some dormitory services. The choice of accommodation method has become a problem for many new students.

Here are some of the accommodation options for Singaporean students?

1. Family accommodation

Family accommodation, which is a homestay in Singapore.

Cost: S$800-2500/month

Advantages: The environment is safe and warm, and foreign students can feel the atmosphere of the home here, and receive care and emotional support from the temporary guardian. In addition, some homestay families can also provide academic course guidance.

Disadvantages: high cost, and restrictions on student freedom, requiring international students to adapt to the pace of life of the host family.

2. School accommodation

School accommodation, provided by the University of Singapore, generally requires international students to apply in advance. International students can apply for a single residence or share with others depending on their situation. There is a restaurant in the dormitory area, and meals are paid separately.

Cost: 155-560 SGD / month

Advantages: The environment is safe and well equipped, in addition to the public TV room, as well as the reading room, laundry room, computer room and small kitchen. The cost is low, and people can communicate with people from different countries to exercise their communication skills.

Disadvantages: Personal privacy space cannot be fully guaranteed.

3. Off-campus accommodation

Off-campus accommodation generally refers to renting a house outside the school. This is the choice of accommodation for most international students. There are three types of housing to choose from: government flats, private apartments and student apartments.

Government rent

This is a house developed by the Singapore government for the public. It is divided into single room, two rooms, one living room, three rooms and one living room.

Cost: S$500-800/month (no water and electricity, and the specific rent depends on the location of the house, the facilities in the room, the number of people living together, etc.)

Advantages: Freedom, can invisibly expand the circle of life beyond the campus, deal with local Singaporeans, and expand the circle of communication. In addition, compared to other rental methods, the price is cheap.

Private apartment

This is a house developed by a real estate company. It is usually equipped with a swimming pool, gym and other facilities, and these facilities are all free. There is also a 24-hour security.

Cost: 700-1300 Singapore dollars / month

Advantages: quiet and comfortable, quality of life is guaranteed.

Disadvantages: high price

4. Student Apartment

Divided into two types: luxury international student apartments and bungalow student apartments.

The Deluxe International Student Apartment offers world-class management standards, providing students with food, accommodation, laundering, academic supervision and health care services. It usually offers a two-person or three-person room at a cost of about S$1,500 per month.

The student housing apartment also includes students to eat, live, wash, academic supervision, etc., but the cost is cheaper than the luxury international student apartment, about 900 Singapore dollars per month.

For those who are travelling to Singapore, renting is more common. The best source of rental information is the rental bulletin board of your university in Singapore, or the ITL study service. The biggest advantage of renting a house is that it has its own independent space, both socially and financially, and can appreciate the local folklore and culture. Of course, it also tests the self-care ability.

If you have any questions about accommodation in Singapore, please feel free to contact us at 65house@eistudy.com or call directly at +65 91159074. We will select the most comfortable accommodation for you according to your specific situation and needs!

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