SIM IA Awards Ceremony – The Journey of Discovery


On 20th July last Friday, Eistudy had the privilege of attending the first SIM IA award ceremony where we shared the joy of students who have achieved stellar results in their first year at the school. Amongst the excited students was our very own student from YouClass Learning Centre, Zeng YingHe who received a Bronze award in the Year 7 category. YingHe came to us struggling with her English a year ago. After 1 year of intensive training and perseverance on her part, Yinghe emerged as one of the top scorers in her batch. Sitting in the crowd with her mother, we felt proud of her.

While witnessing Zeng YingHe’s achievements was definitely a highlight for us, we were also captivated by the various programmes planned out for the ceremony. The ceremony started with four international students showing off what they have learnt in SIM by confidently emcee-ing for the event. They then invited Mr Bala Murugan K, the Principal of SIM (IA) on stage to give his speech. Mr Bala shared about the theme of the ceremony “Journey of Discovery” which truly encompasses the experience SIM IA seeks to provide to all its students.

“While this new experience may have been challenging, as our students adapted to a more hands-on, collaborative and problem-based approach to learning, I am pleased with the progress we have made. The mutual determination displayed by our students and teachers to succeed gives me great confidence that our collective efforts will bear fruit in the 2019 IGCSE examinations.” Mr Bala Murugan K, the Principal of SIM (IA).


SIM IA hosts students from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea and many other countries and aims to provide its students with not only a rich cultural environment but also one that is conducive for learning and developing children into leaders of the future. The school does this by providing various comprehensive and innovative learning platforms and programs to their students such as the STEM program and toastmasters program.

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