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Singapore Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is a research-intensive university in Singapore. It enjoys a world-renowned reputation in many fields such as nanomaterials, biomaterials, functional ceramics and polymer materials. It is a comprehensive science and engineering specialty in the University.

With the increasing number of students applying for Nanyang Technological University, the dormitory environment of the school has also received much attention. The following describes the dormitory conditions of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

With the establishment of NTU new colleges and the increasing number of enrolled students in recent years, the dormitory resources of Nanyang Technological University are very precious. The following is a brief introduction to the Pioneer Hall and Crescent Hall of the two residence halls of Nanyang Technological University. It covers an area of ​​29,000 square meters and consists of eight “Y”-style dormitory buildings. It can accommodate a total of 1,250 students. The dorm design incorporates a large number of environmentally-friendly concepts and features facilities that enrich the student's extracurricular life, including a large dance studio, a barbecue area, and a “garage” studio that allows students to explore new ideas.

The eight apartment buildings in the shape of a Y-shaped tree are built around a common central site, which is characterized by its cultural and sports plaza and the pond on its side. Three pavilions on the pond allow people to look out over the water or hold parties and gatherings. Since these facilities are located in open areas, ordinary people can also use them.

These dormitories will be located at the corner of Lien Ying Chow Drive and Nanyang Crescent, and visitors to NTU from Pioneer Road North will see these buildings at first glance. The $82 million construction project will also include a multi-purpose hall with 200 seats and a gymnasium and other functional facilities.

These buildings are designed in a Y shape, shaped like branches, and become an important experimental platform for the school's innovative green technology, and have been planned to turn all equipment into a 21st century model of sustainable living. The two new dormitories were awarded the “Green Mark Platinum” by the Singapore Construction Authority in 2013 – the highest environmental sustainability award awarded by the Construction Bureau for independent buildings.

The new dormitory has many environmental functions, including an ecological wetland, also known as the “rain garden”, which is combined with the overall landscape to create an interesting atmosphere. Planting native vegetation on ecological wetlands for the purpose of slowing and filtering rainwater, then pumping clean water to the upstream pond and circulating it to irrigate nearby plants. In order to reduce the need for air conditioning, all rooms are equipped with double glazed windows, while on some floors, blinds are installed to avoid direct sunlight.

The dormitory will also make full use of solar energy to address energy needs. Students living on campus will be encouraged to recycle waste. The installed double refuse chute can facilitate waste recycling, and the compost bin is used to convert waste into natural fertilizer and fertilize the garden. There are also two charging stations in the dorm to charge the electric car. Associate Professor Guo Jianwen, Associate Dean of NTU, said: "Sustainability research has a high position in NTU's research field.

In these two new residence halls, students have the opportunity to experiment and understand the practice of sustainable development. More importantly, it has entered a green role.” Nanda’s goal is to reduce at least 35% of energy, water and waste by 2020, making it the greenest campus in the world. From the new dormitory of the architectural firm, RASP, there are electric car charging stations, roof-mounted solar panels in the parking lot, and a unique rainforest garden that recycles the purified rainwater to irrigate the plants.

The new dormitory will also promote the integration of teaching methods inside and outside the classroom, and become a field for students to experiment with innovative concepts, providing a new living experience. These two new dormitories will enable NTU to experiment with a new teaching model that integrates the students in the classroom with the learning outside the classroom. The students will be led by two senior resident professors who will provide guidance and guidance to the students to provide in-depth experiential learning. Students will benefit from practical leadership, teamwork opportunities and a wide range of activities to enhance their life skills.

The monthly rent for the new dormitory is between S$250 and S$375, which is $25 more than the average monthly rent for other dormitories.

The cost for the double room is: SGD 25/month (no air conditioning) and SGD 280 (with air conditioning)

The cost for the single room is: SGD 340/month (no air conditioning) and SGD 375 (with air conditioning)

It is understood that other dormitories will also be refurbished. The old student residences No. 4 and No. 5 have been refurbished.

Nanyang Technological University is the largest boarding university in Singapore and is currently strengthening its campus-style boarding culture.

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