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Students who plan to study in Singapore will definitely consider going to Singapore for accommodation. After all, many Singaporean schools do not have on-campus housing, so many students choose a homestay. So go to Singapore to study in a homestay or school accommodation?

Let us introduce some of the important notes for you!

Singapore homestay

Many local families in Singapore are willing to open their homes to provide a full range of boarding services for overseas students. The homestay program is designed to provide a good environment for students' lives and development, and to create a welcoming environment where students can enjoy the same atmosphere as home, so that they can still receive care and care from temporary guardians without parental care. Emotional support allows them to feel the warmth of their home and experience the true care. In addition, some homestay families can also provide academic course guidance. However, it should be reminded that students who choose to live in a homestay should be able to adapt to the rhythm of the family's life. If you want to live freely according to your own habits, you should be cautious.

The homestay fee is approximately S$1,000-1600 per month.

Singapore school dormitory

For international students studying at public universities, the three public universities of the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University offer very limited student accommodation, but the school will give priority to international students. They can apply for a single residence or share with others depending on their situation. There is a restaurant in the dormitory area, and meals are paid separately. In addition to a public TV room, reading room, laundry room, computer room and small kitchen, various networking activities are often held. In general, the monthly fee for each room in the dormitory is between S$300 and S$600.

Boarding schools are a good choice for younger students. Boarding schools in Singapore are usually only open to junior high school students or junior college students aged 13-19, and usually after parents and students have seen it before deciding whether to stay. Services include accommodation, meals, laundry, 24-hour security, living and study guidance, and recreational and sports facilities. Getting along with the boarding students will help young students to integrate into the local environment as soon as possible.

Under normal circumstances, the cost of boarding schools is about 6,000-10,000 Singapore dollars per academic year.

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