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65house student apartment guidelines

After the selected schools have completed the offer, the study abroad party needs to further plan to find a comfortable and secure place to live. This is the first step and the most basic and important step in overseas study and life.

I believe that many of my friends who have gone abroad for the first time should share the same feeling. Before going to college in China, many students lived in their homes and food. After going to college, we also have dormitory rooms to live in. Most students do not have to rent houses themselves.

After study abroad, it is very different in your own lifestyle. In additional, to cultivating your own self-care ability and arranging everything about yourself, the house must be handled by oneself. Because many foreign university student residences are not enough to allocate, or the environment is not what you want!

Everyone is far from their parents, relatives and friends, and travels across the sea to a new country to study and live. For us, the most important thing to do is to study outside, that is, everyday life can be comfortable! And in Singapore, I want to rent a good room that fits my heart, not only the individual strength, but also the wits!

1. apartment customization

Studying abroad is mostly in the apartment except for class, so you must live very comfortably. What better than your own apartment? You don't need to envy other people's home red apartment, your room can be beautiful. 65house gives you a chance to take the initiative.

2. homestays

Many parents who go abroad to study are not worried about the safety of their children, so considering this aspect, 65house is all about children, and homestay is a good choice for you. Parents or children can communicate with foreigners in foreign languages ​​(English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.) at a low cost to have a pure language environment, quickly improve the level of foreign languages, understand foreign customs, foreign etiquette, culture, "Pre-training" of family members who want to go abroad.

Family members who intend to study abroad can learn about the basic situation of foreign universities from their foreign friends, provide reference for schools, majors, and cities, and make foreign friends. Some parents and children are abroad, they are looking for people to join, and they have received foreign countries from multiple countries. Friends, understand the world and let the world know about China.