Singapore Oversea Family Homestay (EIHS003) $1600

Apartment with fitness facilities and activities.House is on the first floor, family is rare in the district with the yard, in the face of the house of the pool.The whole house has three rooms and three toilets, at most, only seven people.The geographical position is superior, the rent, but not your boarding fees.We receive private schools, government and international schools good children, men and women there is no limit, are not.

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Services & Facilities:

  1. Air Conditioning
  2. Breakfast
  3. Meals
  4. Housekeeping Services
  5. Laundry Area
  6. Iron & Ironing Board
  7. 24 Hours Security
  8. TV
  9. Microwaves
  10. Airport Pick Up Service
  11. Fridge
  12. Blanket / BedSheet
  13. Swimming Pool
  14. Gym
  15. Kitchen
  16. Study Area
  17. In-House Tuition

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